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HRthatWorks 2.0

Posted on 18 Feb 09

HR industry expert Don Phin has done it again! HR That Works, designed to help insurance agencies and other partners with clients in the 15-500 employee range, now combines the functionality of great HR tools with the technology of the powerful Microsoft SharePoint Portal.

According to Don, “The greatest risk faced by any business is not optimizing existing resources. It’s the one thing in this economy a business can control!” The “variable” cost of a company’s HR practices usually exceeds 10% of payroll and includes the costs of poor hires, turnover, de-motivation, non-performance, delayed terminations, lawsuits, increased insurance premiums and more. A company can get a real grip on these costs by using the free HR That Works Cost Calculator at

The HR That Works Private Label Program Partners help their clients create profitable, low risk HR Departments, even where the need for it is only part-time. The program includes easy to use policies and procedures; checklist and audits; extensive training materials; handbook and contract builders; monthly newsletters and Webinars; surveys and quizzes; attorney Hotline services, and many other tools.

Now that it’s on the SharePoint portal, HR That Works Partners and Members can upload their own documents; create their own audits, quizzes and surveys; and then give access to other managers at the company! From there they can expand on the SharePoint platform to address specific partner or client needs. With HR That Works at your side, the long term implications for improving your business proposition as a strategic partner who drives bottom line distinctions has never been better.

To learn more about the exciting improvements to HR That Works Private Label Program, please watch a brief online demo at

To hear how other partners are using the program, click on Testimonials.

If you have further questions, call (800) 234-3304.