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Get Your Blogs Read, Clients Looking to You for Thought Leadership

By Annie George

Posted on 06 Mar 13 by Annie George

I’ve written a lot about content and the value of the written word when it comes to engaging your customers and prospects on-line. What’s more, content is king when it comes to Google search rankings, as long as it’s relevant to your audience. It must speak to issues that your target audience is concerned about and either educate or entertain them, to get them to continually look to you and your company and what you have to say about topical issues.

Blogging enables you to share information on a regular basis. You can share interesting tidbits you come across, provide insights into certain issues that will affect a business or individual insured, update customers on enhanced products, reinforce much-needed coverages by tie-ing them into recent events, announce new markets and classes of business (if you are a carrier, MGA/MGU, program administrator, wholesaler), discuss new regulations and their impact on certain industries, etc. Blogging also invites participation and comments from your readers. And, to reiterate, it’s great for search on Google and other search engines.

Furthermore, you can facilitate your blogging efforts by leveraging your contact list (customers and prospects) with a monthly e-newsletter that highlights your latest blog posts. This allows you to reach those who are not going to your website to read your blog on a regular basis, to highlight once again an important issue that someone may have missed, and to reach new potential clients with valuable information. One example is what MGU and wholesale insurance broker Caitlin-Morgan does on a monthly basis. They post six blogs each month on their website, which are related to the industries, coverage lines, and services they target: senior living/assisted living, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, captives, workers compensation, and professional liability, among others. Then each month, Caitlin-Morgan sends out an electronic newsletter to agency partners and prospective partners featuring several of their blogs. The first paragraph of each blog post is included along with a photo on the newsletter. To read an entire blog article, you click on a link which takes you to the website. This also provides an opportunity for readers to see what other product and services Caitlin-Morgan offers. The newsletter also includes each of the wholesaler’s social media icons.

You can create a newsletter in programs such as Constant Contact or iContact, developing a template that is updated each month with current blog posts, photos and links to the website. You’ll upload the list in this program and every month select those you want to receive the newsletter.

Another way you can get your blogs posts in front of clients and prospects is by sending out an email alert each time you post an article with a link to it on the website. For example, Middle Oak has a blog called MultiUnitLiving, and every week when a blog is posted, their subscribed clients and prospects receive an email. As a subscriber to their blog, I automatically receive these alerts.

Blogging is a great way to get your expertise out there, and using an e-newsletter or email alerts is another way to get the blogs before your audience – whether you’re an agency targeting commercial or personal lines clients or specific markets; or insurers, wholesalers, program managers and MGAs/MGUs speaking to the agency distribution system. 


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