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GEICO Launches GloveBox iPhone App

Posted on 05 Jan 10

GEICO released last month its new iPhone app—GEICO GloveBox™—to give users, both customers and non-customers alike, handy features right at their fingertips.

The GEICO GloveBox app allows customers to pay their bill and view their insurance card. Even non-GEICO customers can take advantage of the many features of the application. Guidance is provided for users involved in an auto accident, instructional text teaches users how to change a flat tire, and videos offer comic relief with just a tap of a finger.

Other GEICO GloveBox features include a taxi/rental car finder, roadside services and GEICO contact information.

“We want to assist our customers through the channel of their choosing,” said Jess Reed, GEICO’s chief information officer, “With the increasing popularity of the iPhone, an iPhone app made perfect sense.

Reed continued, “We looked for capabilities that we think will add the biggest value to our customers. Whether it’s on the Web, over the phone or with the new application via their iPhone, we want to provide the most convenient and best customer experience possible.”

“An accident, a breakdown or a flat tire is stressful and people may not always have the information they need on hand. GEICO GloveBox can really simplify the process and make a bad situation a little easier for all users,” said John Hodges, a senior applications systems analyst at GEICO.