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Expanded Appetite

Posted on 04 Feb 09

American Wholesalers Underwriting, Ltd. announced today that its WIP Program has significantly increased its appetite for Forklift and Material Handling Equipment Distributors (SIC 5084). Prospect leads are available to WIP Select Agents in most states through the WIP internet desk.

Mark Judkins, Senior Underwriter, said, There are few underwriting companies that understand the risk and pricing appropriate in this segment. AWUL underwrites virtually all classes of durable and non-durable distributor users of this equipment resulting in AWUL being among the largest underwriters of users of this type of equipment.

John Shea, COO, pointed out, It is highly likely that AWUL‘s underwriting carrier partner, rated A++ XV, already insures many of the manufacturers in this segment. This vertical relationship, manufacturer through distributor, will therefore result in highly competitive General Liability and Package pricing in this business segment.

Agency submission may be sent to AWUL from storefront owner AMS TransactNOW users directly -- or via agent log-on at

For more information about AWUL and WIP programs, and for information about becoming a WIP Select Agency, please contact Mike Mehok at 800.303.4321.


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