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Exclusive Umbrellas

Posted on 21 Jan 09

Storefront owner Great Point Insurance Services, Inc. offers Exclusive Umbrella Programs designed for the real estate industry in partnership with the most recognizable insurance carriers.

We offer several Programs, each designed to capture a specific real estate segment, including Habitational, Community Associations, Hotels, Commercial Lessor’s Risk (Office, Retail, Warehouse, Industrial), and Mobile/Manufactured Home Communities. Available in every state, our Programs are issued on “A” rated paper with limit options are $5M, $10M, $25M and $50M. Our $50M limit can be written for as low as $3,000!

Great Point offers Instant Pricing Indications and direct access to the President of the company on all new business submissions. Our clients enjoy the services of a professional Underwriter, dedicated to their Agency, which promotes service consistency and the development of a mutually rewarding professional relationship. Our Underwriters are capable of same day quotes and even same day policy issuance!

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