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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Posted on 18 Feb 09

Storefront owner General Star Management Company is pleased to announce the addition of Equipment Breakdown coverage to the array of products offered by its Property Division.

The coverage will be written by General Star Indemnity Company or General Star National Insurance Company. Both companies are rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best and carry a triple-A Insurer Financial Strength Rating from Standard & Poor’s. Coverage will be written on a non-admitted basis in all states.

Traditional Boiler & Machinery insurance covers only the equipment that is scheduled in the form. General Star’s Equipment Breakdown coverage pays for damage caused by the breakdown of many types of equipment, not just boilers and machinery. In addition to typical boiler and pressure vessel hazards, Equipment Breakdown coverage encompasses other exposures, including electrical and distribution systems, credit/debit card payment systems, communication systems, computer-controlled equipment, and high-tech refrigeration systems. It also offers protection against damage caused by short circuits, electrical arcing, power surges, mechanical breakdowns, motor burnout, boiler damage, operator error and similar accidents.

“The range of equipment vulnerable to accidental breakdown and damage has changed dramatically as technology continues to deliver new products into our lives. We are excited to be able to offer the coverage needed to address the risks associated with these advances,” said Todd Wickliffe, General Star’s Product Leader for Equipment Breakdown coverage.

Commenting further, Michael R. Denton, Property Division Manager of General Star, stated, “Adapting to an ever-changing environment will be critical to the future of businesses and the insurers protecting them. General Star is proud of its ability to anticipate and act on these challenges with solutions such as our new Equipment Breakdown coverage.”

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