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Enhanced Yacht Policy

Posted on 18 Feb 09

Maritime General Agency (MGA) has announced the addition of a new product and service that is attaching to their New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) Yacht Policy.

Effective immediately and at no additional costs to their insured, all new yacht policies written for vessels 27’ and over will be issued with an endorsement adding Marine Assist Services and Accidental Death & Dismemberment. Effective March 1, 2009, existing NHIC yacht policies written for vessels 27’ and over will also be issued with these enhancements upon their renewal.

“Marine Assist Services brings a level of uniqueness to our yacht program. MGA has always been pioneers in delivering new products and services to the marketplace and we are the only ones in the yacht insurance industry to offer a service like this. This is a quality service with teeth that is made for the true mariner; the people we insure in our program,” said Chris Pesce, Managing Partner of MGA.

Marine Assist Services is a 24X7 concierge service designed to assist NHIC’s yacht policy holders whether in Domestic or International waters. Marine Assist Services assists NHIC yacht policy holders with many services including Marina Reservations and Accommodations, Dockside Maintenance, Real-time Weather Updates, Fuel Locations and Pricing, Local Guide Referrals, Diving Services, Restaurant Referrals and Reservations, In-Port Hotel Accommodations, Private Air Charters, Medical and Evacuation Assistance, Emergency Travel Assistance and many more.

Additionally, the NHIC Accidental Death & Dismemberment endorsement is also specifically tailored for today’s mariner. Eligible persons include all owners of the insured vessel as well as all passengers and crew members and covers activities while afloat, on board afloat, boarding and disembarking the insured vessel, as well as some over the side activities, such as a certified diver scuba diving from the insured vessel.

Maritime General Agency has been the program administrator for New Hampshire Insurance Company and other AIG member companies since 1991 for recreational marine risks. Through a national network of appointed brokers, MGA underwrites boats, yachts, charter vessels, marinas, boat dealers and yacht clubs.

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