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Creativity Abounds at Norman-Spencer as it Rebrands & Markets Its Products, and Delivers A Trunk-Full of Specialty Programs to Agents

Featuring Brian Norman, President, & Heidi Wolf, National Business Developer

Posted on 11 Apr 12

In March, our long-time Storefront, Norman-Spencer, announced that it’s now marketing all of its Property/ Casualty products under the Norman-Spencer Agency brand. This came after a five-year acquisition run in the marine, construction, professional liability, and specialty areas in which Norman-Spencer maintained the identity of each of the companies it acquired. Acquisitions included: Western Marine Insurance, JC Stevens, and Crane Insurance Solutions, among others.

“Bringing all of our products under the Norman-Spencer umbrella allows us to employ a consistent, recognizable brand on a national level,” said Brian Norman, president of the firm. “It enables us to market all of our product lines under one name, one face. We have thousands of agents who are not aware of everything we do. Many agencies only know about the specific program they write with us. Rebranding gives us the ability to clearly communicate to agents the potential growth opportunities they have with us across a wide range of industries.”

“In fact, since the launch, we’re already experiencing success with the cross selling of our programs in several of our offices,” said Heidi Wolf, National Business Developer for Norman-Spencer.  The programs have also been enhanced across the board, with customers continuing to receive highly competitive rates and coverage in addition to several new products that will be launched in the next few months.

What’s more, Norman-Spencer, in synch with its rebranding, launched a new website design, with all of its programs prominently displayed. The agency’s 10 signature programs are:

Pumpro: Concrete Pumping Program – Property, General Liability, Inland Marine, Auto, Workers Compensation, & Umbrella

ReadyMix – Concrete Mix Program – Property, General Liability, Inland Marine, Auto, & Umbrella

Cranes – General Liability, Inland Marine, Auto, & Umbrella

Contractors Tools & Equipment – Inland Marine

Real Estate E&O – Broad Coverage and Low Minimum Premiums

Recreational Marine – Boat Dealers & Marinas

Boat/Yacht – Personal Watercraft to Yachts

Hired & Non-Owned Auto – Food Delivery, Contractors, Couriers & Home Health Care

Construction – Trade Contractors Program – General Liability

Lawyers E&O – All areas of practice considered, firms up to 50 attorneys (CA, AZ, NV)

In addition to its rebranding effort and as part of the effort to cross-sell each of its programs to agency partners, Norman-Spencer came up with a fun and unique way to convey its message. All across the country, 50 of Norman-Spencer’s top agencies are getting a special delivery: A 3.5’ x 1.5’, 150-lb. bright orange trunk filled with toys. Toys that represent each one of Norman-Spencer’s programs: A boom truck, concrete mixer, crane, real estate sign, bass boat, pizza box, and much more. The trunk has the Norman-Spencer logo on the outside and also contains marketing material related to its 10 programs.

A few days after the delivery, Heidi will be visiting each agency to discuss Norman-Spencer’s programs. “The trunk is a great way to let agencies know about all our products. We wanted to get the message out in a creative and memorable way,” explained Heidi. “It’s also a great conversational piece, with an opportunity to talk about each of the ‘toys’ and relate it back to Norman-Spencer’s products.”

“If you’ve been doing business with us on the recreational marine side, for example,” said Brian, “you’ll now see we also have various construction programs. It’s our way of cross-marketing.”

In addition to the fun-filled trunk, Norman-Spencer has created an eight-page newspaper called “THE PROGRAM”. “The newspaper will be used in lieu of the traditional agency marketing kit, and will be sent to agents and prospects,” said Brian. “It contains product information, coverage highlights, submission requirements, etc. It’ll also has photos, games, a crossword puzzle…what you typically find in a newspaper.”

“We wanted to create something different, something people won’t forget,” said Heidi.

For more information about Norman-Spencer’s programs, please visit

About Norman-Spencer

Norman-Spencer Agency, Inc. is a nationally acclaimed provider of property and casualty insurance services with a successful wholesale and retail distribution network, and is known for its expertise in Program Administration with nationally recognized carriers. With roots dating to the early 1900s, today Norman-Spencer has 165 employees in 10 offices across the U.S. and relationships with more than 2,500 agents nationwide.