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Chamber: A Penchant for Service with a Broad Appetite in the Markets Served

Featuring John Ferreira, Executive VP, Chamber Insurance Agency Services

Posted on 18 May 10

This week we’re featuring Storefront Chamber Insurance Agency Services, a wholesale manager that provides access to an array of insurance products from nationally recognized carriers to the agent and broker community. Chamber is part of the Jamison Insurance Companies, and is headquartered in West Orange, New Jersey, with an office in Coco, Florida. Chamber’s core products are Workers Comp, Environmental, Professional Liability, small business – retail stores, chains, etc., and the company has recently added a new Commercial product.

We spoke with Executive Vice President John Ferreira about Chamber, its philosophy and products, and its most recent program launch, PropertyGuard. John’s career in the insurance industry began more than 24 years ago, with a background primarily focused on Professional Liability. He has also become increasingly more involved in the last several years in the Workers Comp and Environmental insurance platforms.

“What makes us unique is our service. Our clients are agents and brokers and it’s important that we service them professionally and promptly,” says John. “If it weren’t for our agents/brokers, we wouldn’t be here. We value their business.”

John says Chamber’s dedication to excellence is what contributes to their service philosophy. “We serve our clients in the best way we can, and are committed to this.”

Another differentiator for Chamber is that all its business is performed electronically. “We are paperless and most of the programs we provide to brokers are conducted electronically,” says John. “Additionally, we have national access to our carriers, unlike many wholesalers whose access is on a regional basis. We write business all across the country.”

Submissions and Acord forms are typically received electronically by our agents. Agents and brokers can also speak directly to an underwriter if they don’t want to go through the Internet. “What’s more, there are no premium commitments or required activity levels for agents and brokers to work with us,” says John.

Chamber’s programs include: Workers Comp, Small Business Products and Environmental Liability — including Site Pollution Liability, Contractor Pollution Liability and Storage Tank Liability, which is known as TankGuard. The TankGuard program is a national program and provides coverage for any business with a fixed tank, including universities, airports, service stations, gas stations, etc. Chamber has also just launched a new program called PropertyGuard.

Chamber’s small business products include Professional Liability for real estate agents and brokers and an Umbrella program.

“Our appetite in each of our markets and programs is diverse and broad,” says John. “For example, with TankGuard and our Workers Comp products we entertain just about any type of business. This is the same for our new PropertyGuard program. It’s all-risk; any class of business and coastal properties are eligible with wind, flood, etc. available and not tied into just a few classes of business.”

PropertyGuard, a national product, was launched in April and provides coverage for commercial properties, hotels and resorts, condominiums, vacant properties, schools & colleges, industrial – light & heavy, airports & seaports, hospitals, docks & piers, and utilities. The program offers wind, excess flood, hurricane, and earthquake coverages. Program highlights include: all commercial risks, all risk excluding natural catastrophe perils, natural catastrophe perils only, individual standalone natural catastrophe perils (wind/flood, etc.), business interruption – including extra expense, all FEMA zones considered, and fire & lightning. Other program features include affordable premiums, limits of up to $30 million (higher limits are available), and deductible variability.

Chamber markets its program through and a proprietary database where email campaigns are conducted. “We also belong to several associations across the country, including the US Chamber of Commerce, PIA and many others with which we network and market our products, whether these state associations/groups are in the Workers Comp, Property or Environmental-related arenas,” says John.

To find out more about Chamber’s products, including ProductGuard, please call John at 973.669.2309 or email him at You can also visit to learn more about the wholesaler.