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Camford National Measures Success by How Well It’s Doing By You and Your Clients

Posted on 03 Jun 09

In this issue we are featuring ProgramBusiness Storefront, Camford National Insurance Brokers, LLC. We spoke with the company’s president David O’Keeffe about Camford’s overall business philosophy and the value the company places in achieving and exceeding its clients’ expectations.

Founded in 2006, Camford National, headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, is a national wholesale commercial property/casualty brokerage with access to in excess of 26 carriers, all AM BEST rated A- or better. The operation has an emphasis in casualty insurance with over $200 million in capacity. The staff boasts an average of 20 years of industry experience, bringing together some of the best and brightest to offer innovative and creative facilities developed with the expertise that they have garnered. Prior to founding Camford, David was an underwriter at a Fortune 500 company, and was a partner at another wholesale operation.

“We are a boutique wholesale operation when compared to some of the others,” says David, “offering carriers, retailers and their clients a value-added partnership that is founded on the belief that our success relies on fulfilling or exceeding expectations with those with whom we do business.” This culture is part of the operation, a philosophy that is innate in everything Camford offers – from the facilities it offers, underwriting expertise, risk management approach, loss control, and servicing. “Our approach is ‘what can we do for you’, how can we assist you and bring value to your company,’” says David.

Camford writes small to large accounts with a diverse book of business, specializing in Contracting as well as offering facilities for various lines, including: Employment Related Practices, Environmental, Inland Marine/Motor Truck Cargo, Products/Manufacturers, Professional Liability, Package (Property & CGL), Liquor Liability and Trucking and Excess & Umbrella Facility.

“Our level of experience, knowledge and background and the ability to respond quickly within the specialty marketplace is what sets us part,” says David. “Agents call us looking for solutions in a marketplace they are not familiar with, due to unusual exposures or a lack of ‘admitted carriers’. We work to provide these agents with solutions and, if we can’t provide a solution, we direct them to the appropriate place.”

“We don’t try to be all things to all people. We are focused in providing a product with a level of expertise and knowledge that retailers have come to expect from dealing with specialty lines brokers and underwriters. Simply put - we do what we’re good at. On the lines of business we are not involved in, we’ll happily refer a retailer to those that do and in whom we have faith. It’s not only about writing the business; it is about being a resource for the retail agencies,” explains David.

David also credits Camford’s strong relationships with the underwriters in the various markets with which they deal. The underwriters available to Camford’s brokers/retailers are always there to provide creative and flexible solutions. “The underwriters with whom we work, on average, have an industry tenure of 20 years with a depth of knowledge that is second to none. Our access to them in the marketplace allows us to offer solutions that others may not think of.” Within the 26-plus markets Camford writes, it handles portions of over 8,600 SIC codes.

When discussing the current economic climate and Camford’s strategy, David emphasizes the need for flexibility and to work even that much harder for the business. “We go the extra mile to get the best possible terms at the best possible pricing.”

Camford National has had a Storefront with ProgramBusiness for two years and has found tremendous success with the on-line platform in networking and partnering with retailers and writing business within the facilities it offers. “It’s a great way to introduce yourself to retailers,” says David, “to let them know what you provide. We have done so well with the program that we upgraded our Storefront to the Diamond level, focusing our marketing and advertising efforts on”

“Our long-term strategy is to build partnerships with our retailers,” says David. “We are doing so with ProgramBusiness agents with whom we have repeat business, who are looking to us for creative solutions. Part of our success is not measured on writing a single piece of business but is measured by having the retail agent come back to us again for future solutions.”

To find out more about Camford National’s programs, please visit the company Storefront or its website at: You can contact David at: (908) 647-4900, or email him at: