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Caitlin-Morgan Insurance Services and RTW Endorsed Workers Compensation Solution for IHCA, Hope, and Leading Age Members

Posted on 08 Aug 12 by Annie George Storefront and MGU and insurance wholesaler Caitlin-Morgan Insurance Services, and RTW, Inc., an industry leader in providing integrated workers’ compensation, disability and productivity solutions, are proud to announce their endorsement by the Indiana Health Care Association (IHCA), HOPE, and Leading Age Associations to offer a cost-effective workers’ compensation solution for their current  members.  IHCA, HOPE, and Leading Age are Indiana’s largest trade associations and advocate representing proprietary, not-for-profit and hospital-based nursing homes and assisted living communities, adult foster care and adult day services.

“We are pleased to be able to provide the members of the IHCA, Hope, and Leading Age with a turnkey solution that not only offers the Workers’ Compensation coverage they need, but also enables them to receive tangible benefits, such as dividend payouts, customized loss prevention, lower claims costs, and fast claims resolutions” said John Haigerty, Vice President of Marketing for Caitlin-Morgan.  “With increased Workers’ Compensation rates across every industry, we’re offering a solution that is both cost-effective and designed to help stem losses and drive costs down. Insurance agencies with this program now have a powerful product to offer clients in an environment that has become increasing more complex.”

The Indiana Nursing Home Association Group Workers Compensation program includes several key features: dividend payout opportunity based on program volume and group losses; 5% association credit for participants; customized loss prevention; access to RTW SelectRite pre-hire screening; early identification of high-risk claims; identification of the 15% of claims that
generate 80% of cost; average claim cost 49% below the workers’ compensation industry; claim closure average that is 80% faster than the workers’ compensation industry; and reduced length of disability and improved facility staffing.

MGU and wholesaler, Caitlin-Morgan Insurance Services, offers feature-rich, niche-industry and specialized management programs that come with full-service insurance solutions for associations, industry groups and agent groups alike. RTW, Inc. provides workers' compensation, disability and absence management solutions that lower the average claim cost and facilitate faster claim resolutions.

To find out more about this new program, please contact Gerry Dumke at Caitlin-Morgan at



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