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Brownyard Programs: A Long History with Its Eye, Focus on Security

Featuring Bruce Brownyard, President

Posted on 18 Aug 10

This week we’re featuring Storefront Brownyard Programs, a program administrator specializing in the Private Security industry. In fact, the program manager insures 15 of the top 40 security guard companies in the country, and has what’s considered the broadest coverage plan for General Liability and Professional Liability in the marketplace for this niche.

We spoke with the firm’s president, Bruce Brownyard, who founded the East Islip, New York-based firm in 1993, which today has ten employees, an experienced group of insurance professionals that create insurance products, offer preliminary underwriting, risk screening, and rating as well as providing production, marketing, and accounting services. Bruce brings 38 years of experience and knowledge in this space, heading his team in providing insurance cover nationally for security guard, private investigation, burglar/fire alarm, access control, CCTV, background screening, and armored car/courier companies.

“We are the national program managers for Lexington’s Guard SecureSM Program, providing a manuscript General/Professional Liability policy to private security guard, armored car, and investigation & background screening companies. It’s known as the best and broadest coverage in the marketplace,” says Bruce. He explains that several factors make this program so unique and separate it from the competition, including:

• The policy is based on annual revenues and there is no audit. All other policies in the marketplace are auditable.
• It provides Vicarious Liability coverage for all intentional/criminal acts for which the insured client is held liable.
• There is an Accidental Death & Disability Benefit included should a guard be killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty, up to $25,000 per employee.
Full Theft coverage, including theft of a client's property by a third party and by the guard. Most other policies will provide coverage if a guard company failed to provide adequate security and there were items stolen. But, not only does the Guard SecureSM program provide coverage due to a guard’s negligence but also as a result of his dishonesty.

In addition to the General Liability/Professional Liability program, Brownyard provides a following form Umbrella Liability policy, with limits of up to $25 million, through Lexington. What’s more, a new Commercial Auto program through Lexington is available for security guards, private investigation, and alarm companies.

“We also have a national program with both Chartis and QBE to market Workers Compensation [BestGuard Plan®] for security guards, private investigation, and even alarm companies,” says Bruce. “And we are the national program manager for Zurich Insurance, providing first- and third-party Fidelity bonds [HonestyGuard Bond] to security guards, private investigation, and alarm companies throughout the U.S.”

Brownyard is the national broker of record for the National Council of Investigation & Security Services (NCISS), the largest independent association of private guards and investigative companies in the country. “We have programs specifically designed for association members: The NCISS PI Insurance Plan is for investigative firms with up to 10 investigators, and the NCISS Security Guard Insurance Pan is for companies with revenues under of $1 million per year,” says Bruce. Both are underwritten by Lexington.

In addition to marketing its programs on and other insurance websites as well through industry publications, Brownyard attends and participates in the NCISS Annual Conference and exhibits at the biggest security event of the year, the American Society of Industry Security (ASIS) Annual Conference & Exhibits. “This year’s show is in Dallas in October, and will most likely have about 50,000 security practitioners attending,” says Bruce. “It’s a great opportunity for us to get out the word about our unique programs.”

For more information about Brownyard Programs’ unique programs, please visit, or call (800) 665-7304 or e-mail


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