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B2B Sites See Increase in LinkedIn Logins

Source: e-Marketer

Posted on 23 Feb 11

In a recent article in e-Marketer Daily, they’re reporting a dramatic increase in the use of LinkedIn accounts to sign in to B2B sites between July 2010 and January 2011. In that time the share of logins using a LinkedIn username and password rose from just 3% to 20%. That’s the information that social platform Gigya found in its latest findings. In the past, Gigya reported just a tiny slice of all B2B logins were devoted to LinkedIn, while most used Facebook. That landscape is beginning to change as more site visitors choose to separate their business activities on social media from their personal ones.

That’s good news for businesses, as B2B websites share the same reasons to offer social sign-on to their visitors as business-to-consumer sites—a wealth of information on their registered users, plus the ease of allowing users to carry their identity around with them rather than forcing them to fill out yet another online form.

Gigya also attributes the rise in LinkedIn login usage to improvements in the social network itself, which now make it even easier for businesspeople to use their LinkedIn identity while still taking advantage of powerful social tools.

“Although LinkedIn has always had the professional social graph, they’ve really made some great moves over the past year especially to encourage more communication and collaboration among people using the service,” according to the Gigya company blog.

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, or if you are on LinkedIn and want to learn how to better use it, check out our very own Rachel Pradhan’s blog post…she walks you through how to get the most out of this B2B platform.