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Are You Conveying Your Expertise?

By Annie George

Posted on 30 Jul 13 by Annie George

After years of honing our skills, gaining the knowledge and the expertise to do what we do and accumulating years of experience, are we letting people know how really good we are at what we actually do? Or, are we hoping that brand recognition (in the communities or regions we serve, or even nationally) and some advertising will get the word out, the customers calling?

In working with insurance agencies, wholesalers, program administrators, MGAs, and vendors to develop their websites, blogs, white papers, social media and other marketing platforms, you really see what works in getting an organization’s expertise known and people come calling. The key is to really highlight what you know, and with today’s technology you have so many opportunities to do so.

First, begin with determining what specialties you want to feature on your website. If you own an agency and write general personal and business insurance, by all means include this on your site along with copy that reflects that. But go further. What are your specialties? Within personal lines, do you focus on high net worth individuals and have products for high-value homeowners, umbrella, auto, boats, etc.? When it comes to business insurance, do you have relationships with wholesalers or carriers that have turnkey programs for specific coverage lines? For example, do you specialize in professional liability for specific classes, such as property developers, title agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc.? Or, provide workers compensation for large companies, including providing alternative self-funding solutions? Do you specialize in specific industries, especially those that are not the usual fare (restaurants, contractors), such as allied healthcare, equine, vacation rentals, forestry, etc.? If so, be sure to highlight this on your website, to have customized copy about specific exposures and what you can provide in the coverage lines or industries in which you specialize. Focus your keyword strategy on terms that underscore these specialties. And, localize the search to your area, your towns, counties, especially if you are an agency.

Focus your blogging efforts on your areas of expertise, don’t just provide general information about a specific topic, but rather showcase what you know with real-life examples and situations. Point out the importance of an exclusion or coverage endorsement for a specific industry so that your prospects gain trust in your knowledge. Pick topics from headline news and expand on these, adding your take.

As a wholesaler, MGA, program administrator, carrier or vendor, begin a conversation on LinkedIn on an aspect regarding an issue that may affect coverage availability in a specific industry. As mentioned before in this blog, position yourself as a thought leader, so that insurance agents look to you and your programs for their clients’ needs.

Write a white paper about what you know and that which is relevant today. Perhaps it has to do with employment practices and the many issues that affect businesses today, including recent court rulings, the EEOC’s proactive stance, etc. Again, tie-in headline news to back up the issues you’re discussing and try to be specific to the industries you’re targeting, using examples in their sectors. Then write a blog that will help promote the white paper and, ultimately, your expertise.

It took a lot of hard work to obtain the knowledge you have. Share it with others. Leverage it to gain new clients and keep existing ones.