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Aetna Student Health Connecting with Members Through Mobile App And Social Media

Posted on 04 Apr 11

Many college students are currently considering health insurance options. As these students go through the decision-making process, Aetna, has been making health and wellness easier to understand for college students through a wide range of social media channels. Now, all of the Aetna Student Health social networking elements are in one location -

The hub includes links to:

  • The Aetna Student Health Facebook page with close to 1,800 fans.
  • A Twitter feed with health and wellness updates.
  • The “Healthy You!” series of popular YouTube videos where students can watch campus interviews on how to stay fit and healthy while juggling college life.
  • A FREE calorie tracker mobile application with close to 1,700 downloads.

“Our goal is to help students make thoughtful, health conscious decisions. We know that one way to communicate effectively with students is through social media,” says Chekesha Kidd, head of Aetna Student Health. “We are pleased with the positive feedback we have received on our social media communications from students, parents, colleges and universities.”

Students can get tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the Twitter feed and Facebook page. Common topics include stress reduction, fitness, sexual health, drinking and smoking cessation. Daily tweets and posts help keep students informed, healthy and in tune with their surroundings.

The “Healthy You!” YouTube series are videos of campus interviews. Each clip educates students on how to stay fit and healthy while keeping up with college classes and the campus environment. Aetna’s Student Health website also provides students with the opportunity to “share” their own “Healthy You!” stories.
The free Aetna Student Health Calorie Tracker mobile app helps students count calories and delivers daily nutrition and fitness tips directly to any Blackberry Smartphone. The calorie tracker features more than 70,000 food and beverage items from popular restaurants and brands.

“We have designed one website where students can socially interact while remaining educated about their health,” said Kidd. ”We look forward to creating more ways to help our members stay connected and healthy.”

To learn more about Aetna Student Health, visit or