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AXIOM: Diversifying into New Markets Beyond Its Hospitality Specialty

Posted on 17 Feb 10

This week we are featuring Storefront Axiom Insurance Managers, a program manager/MGU created in 2001 by Dan Djordjevic, President and CEO, whose experience in the Hospitality segment, among others, goes back almost 30 years. Axiom’s management team also includes John Black, who joined the firm in 2008 as Executive Vice President, Business Development, and has more than 28 years experience in a variety of marketing, underwriting, and strategic roles in the P&C industry; and Neno Djordjevic, Chief Operating Officer. Axiom has offices in Rolling Meadows (Chicago), Illinois; Boca Raton, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Axiom, whose core specialty is in the Hospitality business, has diversified by expanding into additional lines. In 2008/2009 Axiom developed programs for Excess Liability; Campgrounds and Camping resorts; Day Spas and Med-Spas; Family Entertainment centers; and Party Rentals, including inflatables and entertainers. Axiom’s objective is to leverage the extensive experience of its owners and its existing peak-performing service infrastructure. “Our goal is to make a consistent market, partnering with strong insurers, providing coverage for business segments that are traditionally under-served or inconsistent, as well as provide opportunities for insuring innovative new businesses,” says John Black. “Overall, the ability to write a wide range of businesses in our target segments allows us to offer more efficiency in placements.”

Several of the markets and coverages Axiom offers include:

Hospitality: Primary GL, Liquor Liability, Excess, Property, and Workers Compensation written on A/FSC VIII paper. This coverage is available for establishments or events with a food service and/or liquor exposure, including restaurants, bars, taverns, clubs, adult clubs, wine bars, martini bars, etc.

Excess Liability: $5 million capacity. Written on A/FSC VIII paper. Covers a broad range including hospitality, contracting, manufacturing, wholesaling, service, OLT.

Campgrounds & Camping Resorts: Primary GL, Excess, Liquor Liability and Property available. Written on A/FSC XV paper. Axiom has the ability to underwrite a wide range of exposures including pools, boat rental, water slides and features, spas, restaurants, bars, etc., which sets the MGU apart from others.

Day Spas & Med-Spas: Primary GL, Excess, Liquor Liability and Property coverages are available. Written on A/FSC VIII paper. Includes a broad range of exposures and a broad coverage grant.

Family Entertainment Centers: Primary GL, Excess, Liquor Liability and Property coverages are available. Written on A/FSC XV paper. Includes a broad range of exposures and significant underwriting expertise.

Inflatable's and Party Rentals: Primary GL, Excess, Liquor Liability and Property coverages are available. Written on A/FSC XV paper. A broad range of exposures is acceptable.

Axiom’s experienced and professional staff, competitive rates, underwriting consistency and flexibility, and an appetite for insuring unique exposures have made the company a success. Additionally, responsiveness, reliability and delivery, whether it’s in servicing, quoting or policy issuance, are embedded in the staff’s work ethic. Axiom’s commitment to having long-term partnerships and fostering its personal relationships is at the core of how the company approaches business.

To find out more about Axiom, please visit: You can also contact Dan Djordjevic at, Neno Djordjevic at, or John Black, Sr. at They can be reached at 847-228-5883.