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ACORD CEO Maciag Releases New Book: The Real-Time World: Enabled By ACORD Standards

Posted on 20 May 09

ACORD's President & CEO Gregory A. Maciag released his second book - The Real-Time World: Enabled by ACORD Standards. In it, Maciag addresses today's pressing technological and economic issues while illustrating the role that standards play in supporting business through good times and bad.

The book was made available to attendees of the 2009 ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum.

Drawing on his years of experience in insurance technology, Maciag provides new insights and perspectives on the industry, asserting that the policies and best practices established today will pay dividends over time. Maciag also stresses the strategic importance of standards and the need to get them implemented across the industry, especially in light of today's business and economy conditions.

By providing information in bite-sized chunks, he creates not only a business guide but a strategy for standards implementation. Supporting this goal is an appendix replete with information on ACORD including the Standards, forms, members, and ongoing initiatives.

As Maciag states in his introduction "We live in a 'real-time' world today. The global economy is not an abstraction, but a realization that we are all connected for better or worse. Barriers to open trade should not only be national issues but corporate concerns as well. Economic islands do not exist and I have no doubt that you will 'get it'."

The book is available through ACORD ( Maciag's last book, The Business Information Revolution, was released in 2005.