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News Article Details Launches Project-Specific Pollution Liability Product for Contractors

Featuring Stan Szczurek, President of 123ocp

Posted on 17 Oct 11, the on-line platform that provides easy access to Owners and Contractors Protective Liability (OCP) and Railroad Protective Liability coverages, has now added another key program for contractors: Project-Specific Pollution Liability. We caught up with Stan Szczurek, President of 123ocp about the launch of this new product.

Many contractors don’t want to purchase a Pollution policy that covers all projects whether it’s needed or not,” said Stan. “They want to purchase the coverage on an as-needed, per-project basis. This program allows them to do that. An agent can go onto our platform when there is a pollution need for a specific project, quote and bind the coverage just as they do with our OCP and Railroad Protective Liability programs. It’s easy to use and available to agents who are already set up on”

When using the system the quotes are held for 30 days, and agents have the capability of going back into the system, binding the coverage, and issuing the policy. “The entire process is automated,” explained Stan.

The development of the product was a result of a survey conducted with 123ocp’s agency customers. “We asked them how we could help, what was needed out there,” said Stan. “They told us that contractors wanted to purchase project-specific pollution coverage the way they are able to quote and bind under our OCP and Railroad Protective programs. We were able to respond to this need with a preferred carrier in this market and our automated platform.”

The program is written through XL Insurance, with limits of up to $5 million/$10 million available, includes a variety of coverages and endorsements, and is competitively priced. was initially started to help streamline the underwriting process that the average agency undergoes when writing OCP or Railroad Protective Liability coverages. “An application may be three to four pages, and it may take several days from the time an agency sends in a submission for OCP or Railroad Protective Liability to get a response. With, once you are registered on-line with us, it will take a matter of minutes for the entire process,” explained Stan.

Today there are more than 2,500 retailers and wholesalers placing OCP and Railroad Protective Liability business on-line.

The Pollution Liability program launches later this month. For more information, just call Susan Jones, Account Executive, at 866.883.7692, or email her at Also, visit