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News Article Details As Easy As It Sounds for App Submissions and Getting Immediate Quotes, Coverage

Posted on 16 Jun 09

Our Storefront Spotlight highlights, an on-line platform that provides easy access to two of the many programs distributed by Alliant Insurance Services. We spoke with Stan Szcurek, First Vice President of Alliant, about the programs available for Owners and Contractors Protective Liability (OCP) and Railroad Protective Liability through

The programs are underwritten by Mid Continent Casualty, part of Great American, an A-rated carrier on admitted paper, and are available nationally, except in the states of New York and Washington.

“We started because of the underwriting process that the average agency undergoes when writing these coverages,” says Stan. “An application may be three to four pages, and it may take several days from the time an agency sends in a submission for OCP or Railroad Protective Liability to get a response. It’s not a priority with most carriers or wholesalers. With, once you are registered on-line with us, it will take a matter of minutes for the entire process,” explains Stan. All you need is a User ID and password as a producer. You’ll complete an application and send it in; within minutes you will have a quote.

“Retailers love using the website for submissions; it’s so easy to use and we are addressing an immediate need,” says Stan. “We are bringing a product that fulfills a need for the construction market. Often by the time a contractor gets a job, he realizes that an OCP policy is needed and there isn’t much time. With, an agent can get the coverage written right then and there.” joined as a Storefront in January of this year. “Our experience has been excellent,” says Stan. “As soon as one of our e-mail campaigns goes out, we’ll receive 25 producer applications.” Stan explains that their goal is to reach as many agents as possible who need access to this product. “ProgramBusiness is a sound resource for this. It’s helping us move this program forward.”

Plans for the end of 2009 include rolling out a program for Limited Pollution and Builder’s Risk.

To learn more about, just visit the Storefront or go the site:; or contact Susan Jones, Junior Account Executive, at


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