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Virtual Insurance Marketplace Brings Together CA Agents, Brokers and Insurance Professionals

Posted on 22 May 2013 by Annie George

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Virtual Insurance MarketplaceThe Virtual Insurance Marketplace, taking place next week on May 29-30, is focused on California Property & Casualty Agents and Brokers and Insurance Professionals and free for all attendees. Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing LLC, which is hosting the on-line event, is expecting about 1,000 attendees.

The Virtual Insurance Marketplace combines the latest technology in webcasting, online chats, video streaming, and avatar graphics to offer the components of physical trade shows: exhibitor booths, presentations, distribution of marketing literature and social "gatherings." It is designed to look and function like the real thing but that play out in real time in cyberspace.

"With the virtual tradeshow, you don't have the expense of travel, accommodations, meals, etc. that are part of attending a show," said Anita Nevins, founder of Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing LLC, which provides marketing and communication solutions to insurance carriers, wholesalers and the industry at large. "We're bringing the benefits of a tradeshow to a wider audience, providing attendees with the ability to click on an exhibitor's booth to download company information, watch product-demonstration videos and chat online with company reps from the comfort of their office."

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