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Tell Us What You Think in Our New Comments Feature

Posted on 27 Jan 2011

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We’ve added a comment feature to each of the news items in the Daily NewsFlash, so you can easily contribute to what we’re reporting each day. Tell us what you think, add to the facts, and let’s begin a dialogue on the issues that affect our industry, our businesses, and our customers' businesses. We’re looking forward to your comments!


MJG Jan 28 2011 8:29AM Report Abuse
I think encouraging interaction can only help keep people on your site. Good job!
Rachel Pradhan Jan 27 2011 1:51PM Report Abuse
Awesome! This is a great feature that is sure to get some notice!
Jeff Neilson Jan 27 2011 11:34AM Report Abuse
Love it can't wait to post more
Sandra Peters Jan 27 2011 11:25AM Report Abuse
Great move!
Sam Han Jan 27 2011 10:53AM Report Abuse
Looks great!
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