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Superstorm Sandy Claims Rise to 250,500 Automobiles

Source: USA Today

Posted on 22 Feb 2013 by Neilson

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Sandy and auto lossesMuch has been made of the damage to homes and business wrought by Sandy, the devastating "superstorm" that swept through Long Island and the East Coast in October. But now insurers are seeing the full brunt of claims when it comes to cars, not just houses and it's massive.

Some 250,500 vehicles were damaged by the storm, based on claims being processed by insurance companies, reports the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the loss-investigation arm of a group of insurance companies.

More than half are in New York, where an estimated 150,000 were damaged, up from a previous estimate of 130,000. No surprise here: One of the more disturbing images arising from the aftermath of the storm has been thousands of cars parked on the runway at a private airport in Calverton, N.Y.

While the totals are preliminary, they could actually be worse: the NICB points out that the estimates only cover vehicles that were insured. But the degree of damage can widely vary, too from paint scratches to flooding.