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Professional Liability Services Launches BI, Extra Expense Coverge for Bed Bug Infestations

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Posted on 17 Jun 2011

Professional Liability Insurance Services, Inc. – Underwriting Facilities is introducing the first business interruption and extra expense coverage for bed bug infestations for lodging facilities.

The Policy Features include:

*No waiting period for policy triggers

*Up to 6 month period of restoration available

*NO DEDUCTIBLE for all expenses except Decontamination Expenses (coinsurance applies for decontamination expenses)

*Loss of Lodging Revenue

*Rehabilitation Expenses:

  -Overtime of regular staff

  -Other mitigation expenses

Third-Party Remediation Expenses:

*Customer decontamination expenses
  -Onsite customer first aid

*Extortion Payments

*Decontamination Expenses (affected lodging room and lodging rooms immediately adjacent to the affected lodging room)
  -No co-insurance for first $5,000, then 10% co-insurance applies

*Immediate and expert crisis management from Specialty Risk Management, Inc.:

  - 24/7 customer hotline

  -Assistance with regulatory authorities and requirements

  -Marketing and media control

  -Preventative resources (bed bug prevention checklists, informal questions, etc.)


lneilson  Jun 17 2011 2:35PM Report Abuse
This story makes me itch
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