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New Haven Firefighters Get Damages in Reverse Discrimination Case

Source: AP

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

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Connecticut firefighters who won a reverse discrimination case before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2009 have won about $2 million in damages from the city of New Haven.

The Supreme Court ruled that officials violated white firefighters' civil rights when they threw out 2003 promotion tests results because too few minorities did well. The firefighters returned to U.S. District Court in Connecticut seeking back pay, damages and legal fees.

Court papers indicate 20 firefighters have accepted offers from the city for back pay, additional pension benefits and interest.

Attorneys for the city told The Associated Press on Thursday that the firefighters will receive about $2 million and the city will pay their attorneys' fees of about $3 million. Karen Torre, attorney for the firefighters, says the process should be completed in a few days.