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New 'American Detours' Web TV Series Debuts Highlighting Classic Cars, Great American Roads

Posted on 29 Apr 2013 by Neilson

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American DetoursAmerican Detours, a new web TV series pairing epic American roads with collector cars, premieres today on and at AmerCollectIns. American Collectors Insurance is producing the series as a tribute to collecting hobbyists, classic cars, and great roads across America.
American Detours is a 15-minute show with six episodes premiering in the spring of 2013, visiting favorite scenic routes selected by online voting from enthusiasts across the U.S. The series explores the roads from behind the wheel of classic cars insured by American Collectors. On-air hosts are Jael de Pardo of popular SyFy Channel programming; Jeff Glucker, Hooniverse executive editor; and Andy Trought, director of automotive education for American Collectors.
"The series underscores the growing popularity of the collector hobby, from classic restoration to the simple joy of exploring a winding road in a beloved classic. American Detours is not about the quickest route to take, but is more about enjoying the ride," explained Jill Bookman, CEO of American Collectors Insurance, a provider of specialty insurance for collector vehicles and collectibles.

Season 1's episodes wind through three locations: Creole Nature Trail: All American Road in Southwest Louisiana, The Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania, and West Virginia's Monongahela Valley. Along the way, hosts "show and tell" about collector cars, mingle with locals, and highlight the history and appeal of each destination with interviews from those who know them best. Each episode includes personal stories to give viewers an insider's glance into life along each route and the people who call it home.
The show is a new part of American Collectors' longstanding involvement in supporting America's hobby traditions. Collecting continues to grow in popularity, from the restoration of classic vehicles to a resurgence of nationwide interest in preserving history through collectibles.

"America has tens of millions of collectors who make great clients, who treasure that special collectible or collector vehicle -- and who are in need of specialty protection for their valued possessions," commented Bookman. "Agents are uniquely positioned to serve the important insurance needs of collectors. American Detours is a unique new way for them to connect with hobbyists. Every time agents show affinity with consumers who place the highest levels of interest and value on their collector vehicles and collectibles, these agents can gain greater client loyalty and expanded business opportunities." 
"Agents can enjoy the show for the beauty of America that it highlights -- and also share the show with clients and prospects," said Bookman. "American Detours was inspired by our policyholders and the personal car stories they've been sharing with us for nearly 40 years since we were founded in 1976. Filming American Detours gave us another great opportunity to meet collectors, hear their stories, and see firsthand just how much they love their cars." 
The American Detours website offers an interactive experience for viewers and avid road trippers, housing all the episodes plus photos from pit stops, extra interviews with car and pit stop owners, Google Maps of each route, and a social element that encourages visitors to share their own road trips and cars. Each route map includes tips for pit stops along the way, featuring the same spots visited on the show. 

The automotive "stars" of the first two episodes are a pair of classic Fords: a newly purchased 1971 Mustang and a cherry 1963-½ Galaxie. American Detours hosts and crew explore the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, browse at hidden roadside gem Lloyd's Country Store, indulge in some authentic Creole cuisine, and get a history lesson at a local Mardi Gras museum. 
Episode 1 is now available; and future episodes will be released over the next several weeks at

About American Collectors:

American Collectors Insurance is the nation's leading provider of collector-vehicle and collectibles insurance. American Collectors offers products through independent insurance agents, in partnership with several major insurance organizations, and direct to consumers. A wide range of collector vehicles qualify for American Collectors' program, from "brass and wood" antiques to street rods, exotics, modern classics and more. American Collectors also offers all-risk coverage for a wide range of collections from stamps, coins and comic books to vintage wine, sports memorabilia and beyond.