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McDonald's Sued by CA Mom Over Happy Meals Toys

Source: The Street

Posted on 20 Apr 2011

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McDonald's is being sued by a California mother of two who claims the fast-food chain's advertising violates California consumer protection laws, luring children into its restaurants by offering toys in its famous Happy Meals.

Because of the popularity of its Happy Meals, McDonald's is one of the top toy distributors in the world. McDonald's is not alone in enjoying the success of kids' meals; chains including Wendy's Arby's, Taco Bell and Burger King, among others, also offer free toys in their kids' meals.

Happy Meal toys and other fast-food kids' meals toys have been called into question lately after a New York City councilman, following in the footsteps of a measure adopted in San Francisco last year, proposed that free toys be banned from fast-food meals intended to appeal to children unless the meals meet certain healthfulness guidelines.

Parham admitted she often says "no" to her kids when they ask for Happy Meals, leading McDonald's to counter that "she was not misled by any advertising, nor did she rely on any information from McDonald's."

"In short, advertising to children any product that a child asks for but the parent does not want to buy would constitute an unfair trade practice," McDonald's said, in describing their argument against the lawsuit.


Rachel Pradhan Apr 20 2011 1:32PM Report Abuse
And they call it - "will power".
Ben Bailey Apr 20 2011 9:57AM Report Abuse
So let me get this straight, she's going to sue McDonald's because she can't control her children or parent properly. She's setting a wonderful example for her children.
Paul Neilson Apr 20 2011 9:43AM Report Abuse
I didn't know children made buying decisions...where was this when I was a child...I can't control my child so I'm gonna sue somebody..welcom to CA...
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