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Massachusetts Bill Would Require Gun Liability Insurance

Source: AP

Posted on 21 Jan 2013 by Neilson

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MA gun lawSome lawmakers are hoping the insurance market might offer the best incentives to lessen firearms-related violence.

A bill filed Friday in Massachusetts would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance in the event their gun is used to injure.

Supporters say insurance policies would give those injured by a weapon a legal recourse while also creating market-based incentives that could reduce accidents and fatalities.

Gun owners could see their insurance costs drop, say, if they agreed to take firearms training course and properly stored their weapons.

The idea is already meeting with resistance for gun rights advocates, who say it amounts to more government regulation aimed at law-abiding gun owners.

Officials at the National Conference of State Legislatures say to their knowledge no state has yet adopted the requirement.


MrInsBrokerSF Jan 28 2013 7:38PM Report Abuse
Anyone who has a Personal Liability policy ie: Homeowners, Condo owner, Renters, business, already has some coverage. There's likely not enough being charged for it now to suggest that any savings would be earned by training or safeguarding the guns. And as noted by others if the gun is stolen, the owner is not responsible for what the thief does with it just as with a stolen car. Some of our worst law makers are busy trying to come up with the next smart idea instead of dealing with reality. Most legal gun owners are not even a problem. All gun owners need to be responsible. If the government hadn't already infringed on our rights to open or concealed carry, then we wouldn't have an excuse for leaving our guns around where kids or thieves could find them. Does anybody ever hold up a bar/restaurant where the cops hang out?
ed murphy Jan 28 2013 12:32PM Report Abuse
to Dyan Miller If your car is stolen and kills somebody your insurance will not pay out.
voiceofreason Jan 28 2013 9:01AM Report Abuse
here's the real point, if the insurance company wont issue the policy, you cant have a gun.its a GUN grab. 64,999,997 gun owners killed no one yesterday
Brian Killion Jan 28 2013 5:42AM Report Abuse
This is just another attempt at a money-grab. What will insurance accomplish to correct a cultural problem... NOTHING!
Marylyn Jan 27 2013 8:48AM Report Abuse
Dylan, I hope you do not in the insurance industry since your comment is so untrue. Liability insurance pays when someone does something negligent that causes the harm. It doesn't automatically pay whenever someone gets injured. And, intentional acts are specifically excluded!
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