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MarketScout: P/C Rates for April Down 7%

Source: MarketScout

Posted on 06 May 2009

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The April 2009 composite rate for property and casualty coverages in the United States was down 7%, according to results reported by MarketScout, the Dallas-based electronic insurance exchange.

"Rates were unchanged in all segments except the following; Workers' Compensation rates decreased 8%," said MarketScout CEO Richard Kerr. "D&O, EPLI, Fiduciary and Crime rates all increased slightly. By industry group, Public Entity, Energy and Habitational rates were higher."

MarketScout corroborates its data by working with The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research to conduct in person surveys. These surveys are conducted every month during CIC, CRM and other advanced learning sessions where the participants are relaxed and have ample time to thoroughly complete the survey.

A summary of rates for each coverage and industry class as well as by account size is available for each month at