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Insurance Program Manager Hires Sharon Handel as Account Executive for their Fabricare Dry Cleaner Insurance Advantage Program

Posted on 28 Jun 2013 by Neilson

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IWAIWA, Inc. announced that Sharon Handel has been added to their staff as Account Executive in our Fabricare Advantage Insurance Programs Department working with Dry Cleaning Insurance and Commercial Launderer Insurance. Sharon Handel brings 6 years of experience in the commercial insurance industry to Irving Weber Associates. Sharon will be an Account Executive handling several active Fabricare Accounts (Dry Cleaners Insurance) in the Eastern portion of the United States. She will also be solely responsible for IWA's Fabricare Pollution program, offering pollution coverage to the Fabricare industry nationally. This is Pollution coverage for dry cleaners.

Adam Weber, President of IWA, Inc., states "We, here at IWA, are very pleased to welcome Sharon Handel to IWA's staff. We have already realized the many benefits Sharon brings to the Fabricare Advantage Department working on dry cleaner insurance, with her bright personality and helpful demeanor".

IWA's is proud to have Sharon Handel join our staff as Account Executive in our Fabricare Advantage Program handling insurance for dry cleaners.


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