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GM's Offering Free Auto Insurance for a Year with Vehicle Purchase in Oregon, Washington

Source: Motor Trend

Posted on 08 Jul 2011

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No longer will insurance costs be a factor for new car purchases in Oregon and Washington.

Anyone who purchases a new 2010, 2011 or 2012 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac car, truck, SUV or crossover between today and September 6 will receive a year of free insurance coverage from General Motors (GM) through MetLife.

GM is testing the waters with “standard” auto insurance in Oregon and Washington to see if customers bite -- if the program does well enough, there could be potential for a similar program to be rolled out nationwide. GM say’s that part of the reason for the insurance offer is to streamline the new car-buying process.

The insurance, which is offered through MetLife covers both liability and physical damage, and it also exceeds Oregon and Washington’s requirements. The policy will not only cover the vehicle, but also anyone who drives it with the owner’s permission for up to a year from the date of purchase. After the first year with free MetLife insurance, owners have the option of renewing their coverage or going with another insurance company of their choice.


Kari Betzer Jul 8 2011 1:08PM Report Abuse
I wonder if they will allow the buyer to select the limits of liability and physical damage deductibles?tMemrt Mkl
Ron Jul 8 2011 12:48PM Report Abuse
I wonder what the laws are in WA and OR regarding rebating?? Would this qualify as a rebate?
Dan Jul 8 2011 11:45AM Report Abuse
What are the underwriting requirements? Will they just insure anyone with a down payment? Will they show the cost of the policy to the buyer?
John Lewis Jul 8 2011 11:14AM Report Abuse
Nothing is free! I hope the consumer is smart enough to know the insurance cost is built in.
maria Jul 8 2011 9:16AM Report Abuse
Great GM! Now that's innovation & thinking outside of the box! Hope its successful!
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