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Fulcrum's New Initiatives: Giving Back with FulcrumCare and Helping Associates Stay Healthy with FulcrumWellness

Posted on 04 Feb 2013 by Annie George

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Fulcrum Hotel ProgramToday we're featuring storefront Fulcrum Insurance Programs and two of their exciting and worthwhile initiatives launched during the last year: FulcrumCare and FulcrumWellness. Fulcrum is a Program Administrator that provides custom insurance programs for the Hospitality, Habitational, Casino and Commercial Real Estate industries. We spoke with Dusty Rowland, president of Fulcrum, about the new initiatives, the genesis behind each, and how they reflect this dynamic, growing company.

FulcrumCare was launched at the beginning of 2012 as a way for the Bellevue, Washington-based Program Administrator to give back to their community. The primary goal of FulcrumCare is to contribute towards improving the quality of life in the communities where Fulcrum's associates live and work through support of organizations that address vital community needs. These organizations are principally in King County, Washington and specifically in Bellevue, yet Fulcrum's efforts also extend in supporting national and international organizations, including those that contribute to the service people and veterans of the United States Military and to microfinancing that's aimed at alleviating poverty.

"We wanted to provide a platform to formalize and broaden the contributions we are making in our community," explained Dusty, "and through FulcrumCare we're able to match our value system with organizations where we think the needs are the greatest and where we can help to make a difference. Although we began our efforts early last year, we took steps to brand our initiative just this past December. There is a committee that reviews potential charities and organizations with which we want to participate, and we have teams in place that rotates every six months that spearhead our contributions."

In 2012, FulcrumCare helped both local and national organizations through monetary donations and volunteer work, including: Outdoors For All, Hopelink, Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, Wounded Warriors, Red Cross - Hurricane Sandy Emergency Fund, Russell Neary Memorial Trust Fund, Movember - Prostate Cancer, and Livestrong.

For example, with Hopelink, a food bank for the needy, in lieu of holding a Christmas party, the Fulcrum team spent three hours volunteering, sorting food, organizing freezers, and getting the boxes ready for those coming in for food. Additionally, Fulcrum made a monetary donation. "We believe it's important to volunteer as well as to contribute financially, said Dusty. "We built a team within our company that is passionate about various causes and our goal is to align these passions with what is needed."

Fulcrum plans to contribute to about eight or so organizations each year, adding to the list for 2013. Plans include contributing to the Local YMCA, Seattle Cancer Alliance, Boys and Girls Club of King County, Wounded Warriors Project, and Make a Wish Foundation, among others.

FulcrumWellness, launched late last year, is another exciting initiative Fulcrum has undertaken in an effort to proactively support the health and wellbeing of the associates at Fulcrum. "The topic of wellness is a national one," explained Dusty, "with some companies and employers simply accepting that individuals get sick, health premiums go up and there isn't much that can be done about it. We take a different view and believe that wellness can be part of a corporate culture and that healthier associates make for more productive, happier individuals. Through our wellness program, which provides resources and incentives that we support and implement, we can work towards helping people reach their health goals, reduce absenteeism due to illnesses, increase morale and perhaps even lower our health premiums. Not only will our associates thrive but we also will have a healthier company poised for greater efficiencies and even greater growth."

Therese Corfee, Account Management Leader, is heading FulcrumWellness. "This program is giving our associates avenues and opportunities to focus on healthier lifestyle choices and incorporating those choices in the workplace and work environment," said Therese. "We have several different ideas on the burner as we move forward with the program, including holding monthly meetings with associates; organizing group and office events to reduce stress, get out of the office and re-charge; providing healthy snacks and drinks at the office to focus on healthier eating habits; and creating a monthly newsletter that includes articles on healthcare issues and local-based health events. We want to provide a great deal of information to everyone so that they can choose what part of their health they want to focus on," said Therese.

"Wellness means something different to each individual," underscored Dusty.  "Some people want to lower stress, some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle - whatever it may be people have different interests. Therefore, we want to create a venue where you can obtain the information you need and provide an environment where we foster the idea of improving your life in terms of your health. Each Fulcrum associate performs a personal assessment through an on-line portal that is available through our healthcare provider. Based on their personal assessment, each individual will set their own goals.

"What's more, we also view FulcrumWellness as a recruiting tool," said Dusty. "It's part of the Fulcrum story. When a potential associate visits our website to learn more about us, they will see not only our commitment to our products, services and partners, but also to our employees. This is very important to us and to the growth of our company."  

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