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Fireman's Fund Green Insurance Appetite Broadening to Include Alternative Energy Equipment

Posted on 30 Sep 2010

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Fireman's Fund Insurance Company announced the expansion of its commercial green insurance appetite to include alternative energy equipment.

"A growing number of our policyholders are installing solar panels, fuel cells and wind turbines on their premises and because these items have unique insurance needs Fireman’s Fund is introducing comprehensive coverage tailored for the risks of alternative energy equipment,” said Stephen Bushnell, senior director of emerging industries at Fireman’s Fund. “We are interested in solar power providers who lease or create power purchase agreements for solar photovoltaic systems.”

Alternative energy equipment that Fireman’s Fund will insure include solar photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps. “We are also focused on alternative energy risk management to help our insureds' deal with the exposures surrounding alternative energy systems, including theft, weather damage and fire department access to buildings with these devices,” added Bushnell.

To date, approximately 1500 commercial insurance policyholders have purchased Green-Gard® endorsements.