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Crump International Launches New Nationwide Package Facility for Special Events

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Posted on 21 Jun 2011

Crump International is pleased to announce a new nationwide package facility for special events. It is targeted to event organizers and sponsors for small to medium size events (not exceeding 3 days). 

The facility is written through Lloyds, an A.M. Best A XV rated, non-admitted carrier and offers event cancelation, property damage, spectator GL, and terrorism. Crump is one of only a few wholesalers with access to this program.

Complete information on this offering is available at  A downloadable sell sheet and submission application are available on the page as well.
Key Points:  (See website for complete details including the application)
·        Offered through Lloyds, rated A XV by A.M. Best
·        Non-Admitted paper
·        Targeted to event organizers and sponsors for small to medium size events
·        Commission to producing Crump broker – 25%
·        Provides coverage for event cancelation, spectator GL, property damage, and terrorism
·        Includes in-house underwriting authority
·        Multi-line coverage available
·        Available nationwide, except HI, IL, KY, and U.S. Virgin Islands
·        Contact marketing at 877 247-9772 or


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