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Connecticut Attorney Withdraws $100M Lawsuit Over School Massacre

Source: AP

Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by Neilson

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CT school lawsuitConnecticut attorney seeking to sue the state for $100 million on behalf of a 6-year-old survivor of the Newtown school massacre has withdrawn the claim -- at least for now.

The Stamford Advocate reports that Irving Pinsky withdrew the lawsuit but says he might refile. He says he received new evidence on security at Sandy Hook Elementary School and is reviewing it.

Pinsky last week asked to sue the state, saying his client suffered "emotional and psychological trauma and injury" during the shooting rampage at the school that killed 20 children and six adults. He says state officials failed to prevent his client from foreseeable harm.

The state attorney general said Monday there appears to be no basis to support the suit or the state's liability.



Koedred Jan 8 2013 5:42AM Report Abuse
come on people really? Is it hard to believe that in today's world an attorney (Such as this one) would think of anything other than his own pocket and how to exploit this situation. I mean eve the president has. It's the world we live in now unfortunately. All we can do is hope for change to the better.
Jackie Hayden Jan 7 2013 1:46PM Report Abuse
I can't believe there would be a firm who would do something like this...Smart thinking on his part that he pulled back! Emotional Distress, gotta a love it. What about the one's who were lost? Come on...And, the Teacher, who told the children they were loved? Talk about an Angel here on Earth....Those are the one's we need to pay attention to and protect for emotional issues.
jneilson Jan 2 2013 9:40PM Report Abuse
Come on let everyone heal and get off the litigious soap box Mr. Lawyer public and media would have lambasted you. It's a sad situation for all those poor families and school employees, but really what on earth would your legal action change or do for the good?
Insurance Gal Jan 2 2013 10:31AM Report Abuse
While I think the shooting at the school was beyond sad, and I can't imagine what the families of all of those associated with the school are going through, I find it even sadder that within 30 days of the incident we see a lawsuit being filed. How is suing the school district going to do ANYTHING to cope with the tragedy? Healing the heart and soul should be what people are concentrating on and not how much can be made financially from the incident! I just find this overwhelmingly sad & distasteful.
scott west Jan 2 2013 9:49AM Report Abuse
A kind-hearted plaintiff's attorney.
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