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Chartis Participates in ProspX Online Sales Collaboration Platform

Posted on 04 May 2011

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The Chartis insurers on Tuesday announced that its U.S.-based property and casualty insurance units have joined the ProspX platform, a Web-based, sales collaboration platform powered by ProspX, Inc. ProspX provides brokers with real-time access to information about the Chartis insurers’ products, experience, insurable risks and key contacts, making it easier to collaborate on new and renewal business opportunities.

ProspX will also offer informational updates about Chartis, including new product announcements from its insurance units, differentiators and other collateral that will be searchable through the platform’s sales library. Additionally, relevant Chartis news and alerts will be delivered to producers via the platform’s custom-generated e-newsletter.

“We see this initiative as an exciting new way to streamline communication and strengthen our relationships with producers,” said Steve Gold, President of Sales and Marketing at Chartis. “Chartis has joined the ProspX platform to make it easier for brokers to search and find relevant information. It will also allow them to connect with the appropriate contacts within Chartis early in the sales cycle so that we are better able to focus our efforts and attention on developing tailored solutions for specific clients or opportunities.”

Using simple keyword searches, brokers can find, connect to and collaborate with targeted underwriters at Chartis who best match their new or renewal business opportunities. Brokers can easily find and access the information they need regarding products and services, and the Chartis insurers can proactively communicate their products, experience and risk appetite in an efficient and targeted way.

“ProspX helps solve challenges that carriers face in the complicated and competitive world of commercial insurance,” said Todd Young, president and CEO of ProspX. “It’s not only difficult for carriers to arm brokers with key interests and differentiators early in the sales process, but there is also the difficulty of easily tracking and learning from wins and losses in order to improve hit ratios and strengthen broker, insurer and client relationships. We’re excited to be a technology that Chartis has chosen to help address these challenges.”