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Chartis Enters into Strategic Alliance with MMRGlobal to Offer Electronic Personal Health Records to Energy Clients

Posted on 20 Oct 2010

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Chartis announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with MMRGlobal to offer its energy casualty clients a suite of secure, online products that will allow their employees to manage critical, sensitive information such as medical, financial and vital records. The Chartis insurers will offer this service as part of their Global Marine and Energy workers’ compensation policies.

Powered by MMRGlobal using its MyMedicalRecordsTM technology (, clients’ employees and their families will be able to store and manage their personal health records, as well as other important documents, in a secure, encrypted Web-based application that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world using the Internet. The program will also allow for storage of other important documents, such as passports, deeds of trust and wills.

In addition to a comprehensive file management system, each personal health record will feature a separate emergency log-in that will allow first responders and other medical personnel to access potentially life-saving information such as blood type, medications and allergies.

“As part of an ongoing commitment to support our clients, we will expand our offerings as their needs evolve. We are very excited to offer our energy business clients this new benefit,” said Tom Morelli, President of Global Marine and Energy’s Casualty Division.

“It is especially exciting to work with Chartis to introduce this potentially life-saving service at a time when the world is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on health information technologies,” said Robert H. Lorsch, Chairman and CEO of MMRGlobal.

For more information on the electronic personal health records program, please visit


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