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Carnival Triumph Passengers File Federal Lawsuit

Source: AP

Posted on 15 Mar 2013 by Neilson

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Carnival lawsuitA federal lawsuit has been filed seeking damages for 17 people who were passengers last month on the crippled Carnival Triumph cruise ship.

The plaintiffs in the suit filed Thursday are all Texas residents who claim they were physically harmed and fearful for their lives. The ship cruises out of the Port of Galveston.

The suit is at least the fourth to be filed against Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines. A prior one is seeking class-action status for more than 3,000 passengers aboard when an engine fire cut off all power and left them at sea for five days. Passengers say they endured food shortages, raw sewage running in corridors and tent cities for sleeping on deck.

The latest suit argues that Carnival overreaches in protecting itself against liability.


Azzaezzat Mar 17 2013 9:59AM Report Abuse
Leaders in diversity teaches the value of building skills and knowledge to bridge the gap of understanding between individual, groups and communities.
Buff Parham Mar 17 2013 1:50AM Report Abuse
Here's the fine print on every Carnival ticket. Check out the "Class Action" clause...
kumar chalise Mar 16 2013 11:22PM Report Abuse
Please provide some details of cruise job and new cruise of the day
David Mayes Mar 16 2013 8:47PM Report Abuse
In many respects the situation on this cruise ship was similar to "snakes on a plane." No escape. The airlines offer all manner of compensation to passengers depending on the severity of he situation. The IATA indemnity for international air travel would seem to be a model for cruise line reform, and is more favorable to passengers than what the cruise lines currently offer. Time for a major change in cruise line behavour.
Joe Bednarsky Mar 16 2013 7:01PM Report Abuse
I would never take a cruise and don't understand why anybody would. If everyone boycotts the cruise companies, they will go out of business.
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