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American Airlines, United Continental to Face Trial Over 911 Lawsuit

Source: Dow Jones

Posted on 06 Sep 2012 by Neilson

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World Trade Center LawsuitAmerican Airlines and United Continental Holdings Inc. must face trial over a lawsuit in which the lease holders of the World Trade Center allege that lax security allowed hijackers to destroy the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein in New York on Tuesday rejected a motion by American and United to have World Trade Center Properties' suit seeking compensation thrown out.

The "defendants' motion is denied," the judge ruled, court papers show. "The overlap between WTCP's insurance recovery and its potential tort recovery presents issues of fact requiring trial."

Al Qaeda terrorists in hijacked planes from the two airlines smashed into the World Trade Center's biggest skyscrapers on 9/11, demolishing both in a fiery collapse that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The owners had paid $2.805 billion for the lease to the World Trade Center only two months before.

WTCP says that the airlines' poor security at the time was to blame for their losses.

"But for the Aviation Defendant's negligence, the terrorists could not have boarded and hijacked the aircraft and flown them into the Twin Towers," the plaintiff alleges.

In his ruling, Mr. Hellerstein imposed a limit on what WTCP can seek of $2.805 billion--the value of the lease, rather than the plaintiff's original sum of $8.4 billion, which it said would amount to a replacement for the lost towers.

The airlines had argued that WTCP had no right to seek further compensation as it has already received $4.091 billion in insurance money.


Koedred Sep 12 2012 6:09AM Report Abuse
Jen, I apologize. After watching the news this morning (9/12/12) I now see that I was wrong. Your point of view is correct
Jen Sep 10 2012 12:17PM Report Abuse
Koedred - That was one of the most ignorant and racists comments I have ever read. Sadly, if you would have removed the bigoted slurs you would have made a very good point. You are in fact one of the reasons I am NOT proud to be an American. To think that a country that is supposed to be intellectual, cutting edge and a leader of the free world could breed and produce a person like you saddens me more than this article.
Rick Sep 6 2012 1:53PM Report Abuse
If someone steals my car and hurts someone am I still responsible? I love lawyers, but enough is enough.
Koedred Sep 6 2012 10:26AM Report Abuse
OMFG! When is it going to stop. When do we show those camel snifffing, cave hiding towel wearing SOB's that we are Americans, and we are united against them, not divided and suing each other over who's fault 9/11 was. WAS ANY AIRTRANSPORATION SECURITY ANY DIFFERENT AT THAT TIME?This is what they want. One American company to sue another out of business putting more and more Americans out of work and inton poverty. All of you, including the Judge Hellerstein (hmmm, Jew, Isreal, ARAB!!!!)who is allowing this are as bad or even worse than the terrorists. Your messing wtih your own people! Awesome, just awesome. These are the type of people who make me proud to be an American (NOT)
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