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Using Videos to Promote Your Products, Services

By Annie George

Posted on 13 Aug 13 by Annie George

I’m always using this feature column to talk about the importance of content to reach and engage your target audience with Internet Marketing, SEO and Social Media. I’ve discussed blogging many times as a way of showcasing your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader in your specific niche markets and coverage lines. In addition to the written word, video is great way to create fresh content and promote your agency or MGA or wholesale  operation. According to comScore, Inc., a global digital market measurement service, the average Internet user watches 186 videos a month. And, according to YouTube, they are 1 billion users visiting the channel each month. What’s more, over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, with 100 hours of video uploaded to the channel every minute.

Why is video effective? It engages people in a way that photos and text alone can't. For small-business owners, using video in your marketing can bring faces, voices, personality and heart to your operation, while also demonstrating your authenticity.

Now, you don’t have to be a director or screenwriter! And you don’t have to complicate the process to get create a video and post it on YouTube and your website. But you do need to zero in on your message and create a brief, informative or entertaining clip on the product, niche or service you want to feature. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a simple topic for your first video.
  • Don’t stress out. Work with a colleague you're comfortable with and speak to him or her as the video records.
  • Be prepared with notes but don't read them on camera. Video should be casual and conversational whether it’s you, an employee or a customer talking.
  • Keep it brief. Determine which two or three bullet points you want to convey in a two-minute video. If you're interviewing a customer for a testimonial, it’s usually a good idea to limit it to two or three questions.
  • Don't get too focused on the “ums” and “ers.” You’re human. That’s what video is about. But take time to do a few takes and then edit together the best segments.
  • Encourage comments. Videos, email marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand-in-hand. Get your viewers talking and sharing. Good videos go viral and are great for building brand awareness.
  • Include a call to action. This can add interactivity at the end of your video.

Be sure to integrate your YouTube content with your website for maximum effectiveness. It’s good for fresh web content and for Google search results.

Get ready, aim, shoot…and post!