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EE Hall Launches Exclusive Used Auto Dealer Insurance with Berkley Underwriting Partners

Posted on 30 Jul 13 by Annie George

EE Hall announces the launch of an exclusive insurance product for the Independent Auto Dealer with Berkley Underwriting Partners.  EE Hall for over two years has partnered with National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA) to offer affordable nationwide insurance programs.  The addition of Berkley Underwriting Partners further establishes EE Hall’s commitment to offer excellent insurance products designed specifically for the independent auto dealer.

“Our Partnership with NIADA and Berkley Underwriting Partners has given us the ability to assist dealers nationally in protecting their dealership, and we are excited about our newest product offering,” said Dan Marzouk, Vice President, EE Hall.

Steve Gabor, Director, Underwriting states, “We are pleased to work with EE Hall, knowledgeable insurance professionals well known in the auto dealer industry, to offer the members of NIADA an array of property casualty insurance products to meet their insurance needs.”

Scott Lilja, Senior Vice President, Member Services, NIADA states “this strategic partnership is phenomenal for our dealer members.  Our P&C Insurance program continues to evolve into the best in class within the independent auto dealership market.”

About EE Hall
EE Hall is dedicated to providing specialized commercial insurance solutions and coverages to the auto vehicle industry. As automotive industry specialists, we understand what dealers need to succeed in this unique marketplace.

About Berkley Underwriting Partners
Berkley Underwriting Partners is a leading program management company offering both admitted and non-admitted insurance support for commercial program administrators and in-house program managers with specialized insurance expertise.

The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), founded in 1946, has represented independent automobile dealers for over 60 years. NIADA is dedicated to providing industry education, information, services and benefits designed to prepare members for an ever-changing marketplace and growth.

Media Contact: Dan Marzouk, Vice President, 888-302-4342,


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