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GMI Expands Carrier Partners for Business Auto Program

Posted on 11 Jul 12 by Annie George

GMI Insurance, one of the most respected managing general agents in the U.S., has expanded its Business Auto Program by adding another highly rated carrier, Plaza Insurance Company.

“We take pride in what we do and are thrilled to have Plaza Insurance Company on board with us,” said Karen Trudel, Chief Operating Officer at GMI Insurance. “This partnership strengthens GMI’s position in the marketplace and means continued quality service and additional capacity for our agents nationwide.”

Eligible accounts for GMI’s Business Auto Program include automobile fleets that involve commercial vehicles and private passenger cars to support business activities where the primary goals are to sell and distribute products, perform contracting operations and provide customer service. Same-day quotes are available for qualifying accounts containing complete submission requirements.

“What makes our GMI Business Auto product different is the fact that it is designed to provide a commercial automobile market for accounts that are handled by the standard insurance marketplace but for which the producer has no viable market, other than the non-standard and assigned risk pools,” said Dave Leichner, Program Manager and Underwriter with GMI.

GMI’s Business Auto Program written through Plaza Insurance Company is available nationwide, except in CT, HI, NH, and NY, and excludes the following classes of business: Public Auto, School Buses, and Emergency Vehicles. For more information, please visit us on the web at HUwww.GMI-Insurance.comU <> H or contact Dave Leichner at 1-866-728-6565 or

About Plaza Insurance Company

Plaza Insurance Company (d/b/a in California “Plaza Indemnity Company”) is a Missouri-domiciled property and casualty insurer and a direct, wholly owned subsidiary of State Automobile Insurance Company. Plaza Insurance Company has an A (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best and is currently admitted in 47 jurisdictions.

About GMI Insurance

GMI Insurance, founded in 1980 by Norman Trudel, has become one of the fastest growing managing general agents in the country.  GMI’s suite of transportation-related, insurance programs includes Business Auto, Rental Fleet, Contingent Auto Lease, Non-Franchised Auto Dealers and Auto Service and Repair Garages.